Problems with QuickBooks 2021 R11

If you are using QuickBooks 2021 R11 we are seeing odd errors with CCRSoftware products due to what we believe is a bug in that release of QuickBooks.

Some users report that they are seeing the error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This typically is a “second” error, not the error that represents the real problem, as described in this support article. What is happening is that see an error message, press the button to continue, and then you get the “object reference” error. That error overwrites the “error.pdf” file from the first, and all it means is that something went wrong before. We need to see the “first” error.pdf (as that article describes).

With the QuickBooks 2021 R11 error some people might not see the “first” error message due to the odd bug in QuickBooks that suppresses it. If we look at the error log (as described in another support article) we are seeing that QuickBooks is generating an 80040400 error, which indicates a data error, but no data error is occurring. This has been very confusing!

The Solution

What we are seeing is that the error is not in the CCRSoftware product, it apparently is a bug that Intuit introduced in QuickBooks 2021 R11. Check to see if you are using that version (press the F2 key when in QuickBooks with your company file open) and look at the “Product” info line at the top of the screen. If you are using this version you need to upgrade your QuickBooks to another version, such as QuickBooks 2022. That has solved the problem for EVERY customer of ours that is reporting this problem. At the time we are writing this article, Intuit has not acknowledged the problem, nor have they released a bug fix in the 2021 product.

Cannot open this QuickBooks file. Did you just update QuickBooks?

A recent update to Windows 10 is causing problems with CCRSoftware programs. We are still trying to pin down the details.

You may see the following error when starting any CCRSoftware product on a recently updated Windows 10 system:

Note that some users have reported a different but similar error.

This is not a bug in the CCRSoftware product, it apparently has to do with a Windows 10 update that has damaged QuickBooks. Reinstalling the CCRSoftware product, or reinstalling QuickBooks, has no effect.

The only solution at this time is to roll back Windows 10 to a restore point earlier than approximately August 28, 2020. We don’t have an exact date at this time. This has solved the problem for everyone who has talked to us about this.

Note that there are other QuickBooks problems with this Windows update. For example, if you run certain financial reports (it may be any report, we haven’t tested that yet), you will get an unrecoverable error. Click any button, QuickBooks immediately closes.

No word from Intuit about this, yet.