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CCRSoftware is closing for business. I won’t be selling additional copies of our products (other than in some special cases). The cost of keeping the products up to date exceeds the revenue that they generate. The technology that I have to use, from Intuit as well as Microsoft, is very old and fragile. I’m starting to see errors created by actions of Microsoft and Intuit at an increasing rate. It isn’t clear how long Intuit will be supporting QuickBooks desktop add-on products. Also, in the past few years there has been an increasing number of unannounced changes implemented by Microsoft that made my software (an many other QB add-on products) stop working suddenly. It has been a struggle to make the changes that have been necessary to surmount these difficulties. The cost of keeping up with all of this is more than I can justify. It is time to retire.

Revoked Certificate Error

If you are seeing a “Revoked Certificate Error”, you will need to install some additional files. See the Revoked Certificate Error page for details.

Support Options

I will do my best to continue to provide registered product users with support as long as I can, at no charge. Support is provided by articles in this support website. If the articles here don’t answer your questions, you can use this contact form to send me a request. Direct support is available via email ONLY. Phone or remote access support is not available. Please note that there can be delays in responding to email support requests, as at certain times of the year I will be traveling, perhaps overseas, so I might not have access to support tools for days, even weeks, at a time.

Before you contact me please look through the articles in this website. You may find that an answer is already available here. If you still need assistance, please submit the following form.

It really helps us diagnose any error if you can send the support files (Error.PDF, CCRQ.XML, support log).

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