QuickBooks Invoice Solutions – CCRQInvoice

CCRQInvoice is a QuickBooks® Compatible application that will work closely with your QuickBooks®data files to provide features that your business needs. It includes the following features for Invoices, Sales Orders and Estimates:

  • Extended Weight and Total Weight: QuickBooks® will not calculate the extended weight of an inventory item that you include as a detail item on an order, nor will it provide you with a total weight for all items in the order. CCRQInvoice will calculate the extended and total weight for your orders.
  • Total Quantity: With this option CCRQInvoice will calculate the total quantity of all items in the order and let you place that on your order.
  • Sort Order Details This option allows you to rearrange the order of the details of an order. You can sort by Item Code, Description, Service Date, Quantity or any custom field, in ascending or descending order.
  • Calculated Columns: You can calculate the quantity based on values in custom columns, such as a volume calculation (length X width X height) or difference (gross-tare). The rate can be modified by another column as well.
  • Greater Control over Print Templates: QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to print forms where you can have different formats for pages in multi-page orders. For example, you can have the invoice total block show only on the last page, or add a long disclaimer that shows only on one page. See our Support page for articles on how this feature works.

Our products work directly with your QuickBooks® data files, rather than having to import and export data to an external program.

CCRQInvoice was awarded Gold Certification by Intuit, achieving a 9.24 Customer Satisfaction Rating!

CCRQInvoice is available for $75.00 per license. You can install one license on up to 5 computers per business location. This is a one time fee, there is no annual charge or subscription.

We recommend that you look at our installation summary (PDF) document before installing this program. Installation instructions are also included in the program documentation.

Download a Free Trial

We highly recommend that you test a free trial of our product before purchasing, to test it with your data. This is a fully functional product that will work for 30 days.

  • We recommend that you look at our installation summary (PDF) document before installing this program. You also can review the program printed documentation (PDF).
  • Please review the system requirements listed below before installing or purchasing this program.

Click on the appropriate download link below to download the product. You should be given an option to “Save to Disk” or “Open”. WE RECOMMEND that you select “Save to Disk” to download the file to your computer. Once you have a copy of the program you can install it on any computer that you wish.

If you are installing for the first time the program will run as a “trial” version for 30 days, providing you with all of the features of the full program. When you purchase the program you will be provided with a registration code via email that will unlock the program on your computer. Please note that you may receive the registration code the next business day.

How to Purchase CCRQInvoice

All of our software is offered on a “try before you buy” basis, which allows you to test it for 30 days before you buy it. Because of this, all sales are considered final and we issue refunds only if a program doesn’t work as advertised and if we can’t fix the problem encountered. Please review the system requirements listed below, and test the trial version before purchasing!

Buy Now Click the Buy Now button to buy CCRQInvoice. You will be taken to a PayPal web site where you can pay via PayPal or credit card. If you prefer purchasing via Check or ACH, please contact our sales department.

Please note the following:

  • CCRQInvoice is available for $75.00 per license.
  • A single license allows you to install the program on up to 5 computers in a single business location. If you need more than five computers, or wish to install at a branch office, you must purchase additional licenses. See our license agreement for details.
  • Support is free via our support portal for registered users.
  • Updates are free for registered users.
  • When you first install the program it will work as a trial version. You will be provided with a registration code via email that will unlock the program on your computer. If you don’t see this email within 30 minutes of purchase please check your “spam” or junk mail folders, the message probably got stuck in there. If you still don’t see it, contact our sales department.
  • If you have installed the “demo” version, you don’t need to download another copy – All you need to do is to enter the registration code that you will receive by email.
  • After we have received notification of your payment we will send you a registration code by email, which will unlock your product. Note that it may take as long as one business day before your registration code is sent. If you have not received your registration code please check your spam or junk mail folder.

CCRQInvoice System Requirements

This program works with the following editions of QuickBooks Desktop under Microsoft Windows:

  • US edition of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, 2006 and later and Enterprise 6 and later. Note that if you have the 2007 or older version, order sorting won’t support the multiple unit of measure feature.
  • Canadian edition of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, 2009 and later. It will also work with the Single Currency Canadian edition of QuickBooks Premier 2008. Note that form printing might not support GST/PST taxes.
  • UK edition of QuickBooks Premier 2008 and later. Note that form printing might not support VAT taxes.
  • Some users have been able to use CCRQInvoice with the Australian Edition of QuickBooks Premier 2008/2009 and later, but we strongly suggest that you test this with your version before purchasing. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all Australian versions. Note that form printing might not support VAT taxes.

We do not support any other non-US versions.

If you are using the US version of QuickBooks Enterprise with the optional Advanced Inventory feature, you cannot use CCRQInvoice to sort orders unless you are printing the orders directly from CCRQInvoice and not saving the sorted order back to QuickBooks.

Yes, this does work with QuickBooks 2023 and Enterprise V23. We also have tested this with the beta test version of QuickBooks 2022 and Enterprise V22, and it does work with that version.

Operating Environment: This program has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

No, this does not work with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac. Those are totally different software products, not directly related to QuickBooks Desktop on Windows, and they don’t support the features that we require.