Additional CCRSoftware Products

Over the years CCRSoftware produced a number of special purpose and custom products that had very limited distribution. These products may not be supported via this website.

If you are using one of these products and haven’t been in contact with us directly, please contact us via our support contact page.

Note that, as with our standard products, we can no longer provide program updates. If Microsoft or Intuit (or any other company) change their systems in a way that stops our software from running properly, we most likely won’t be able to resolve the issue. These are situations that are beyond our control. Over the past few years Microsoft has made, on several occasions, sudden (and unannounced) changes to Windows that breaks existing QuickBooks add-on software, and we strongly doubt that Intuit will refrain from making app-breaking changes in the future.

Pay attention to theĀ product version listed below, if you have a different version then contact us for information.

The products include:

    • CCRQInventory: Contact us for information
    • CCRQImport: You can download the version for 64 bit systems. We recommend looking at Transaction Pro Importer ( as a possible replacement.
    • CCRQInventory: Contact us for information
    • CCRQLabel: You can download the version for 64 bit systems.
    • CCRQPurchase: Contact us for information
    • CCRQOrder: You can download the 1.5.7 version. You also should download the installation instructions addendum. Please be sure that 1.5.7 is the version you need!
    • CCRQTransfer: Contact us for information
    • CCRQScrapMetal: Contact us for information
    • CCRQRepair: Contact us for information
    • CCRProdQry: Contact us for information
    • CCRQExport: Contact us for information. We recommend looking at Transaction Pro Exporter ( as a possible replacement.
    • Seatz: You can download the version, which may only install on 32 bit systems.
    • All other custom products: Installer not available

Revoked Certificate Error

If you are seeing a “Revoked Certificate Error”, you will need to install some additional files. See the Revoked Certificate Error page for details. Note that we only have fixes forĀ some of the products listed above.