Resolving the "There is No Disk in the Drive" Error

If you see an error “There is no disk in the drive”  when you start CCRQBOM or CCRQInvoice, you have run into a bug that actually is in QuickBooks itself. It is very annoying, and we are not sure why Intuit hasn’t fixed this yet.

Essentially, QuickBooks is doing something that makes Windows search for removable drives on your system, and if one doesn’t have any media in it, you can get this error. This could be a floppy disk drive (remember those?), a removable hard disk drive, or one of those USB multi-card readers (the most common cause).

We aren’t sure why this happens sometimes and not others, and Intuit ignores any comments on this. We have shown them exactly what call in the programming interface that Intuit provides that will cause this problem.

There are several ways to resolve this, as outlined in the article in the Accountex Report blog: Fixing the There is no disk in the drive Error.

The two options that we recommend:

  • Disable the error message in your Registry: If you are comfortable with doing Windows registry patches, the article we reference above has details on how to make a patch that will stop this error from occurring. There are no side effects that we’ve seen. This is a simple change that takes just moments. Essentially it changes the reporting mechanism in Windows to stop this particular error from displaying that warning message.
  • Request an updated version of your CCRSoftware product: We have versions of CCRQInvoice and CCRQBOM that will automatically do the equivalent of that patch internally – turn off the warning message. The drawback to this is that these versions have not (at this time) been released into full production, they are pre-release test versions. If you wish to inquire about this, please enter a support ticket through this support system requesting the update, and we will provide you with details.