CCRSoftware Support

80040408 and 80040401 Errors

80040408 and 80040401 errors can be frustrating, and are sometimes difficult to resolve. These relate to issues in QuickBooks itself – the programming interface that Intuit provides to us is complaining about a connectivity issue. The problem is on the QuickBooks side of things, not the CCRSoftware side.

Here are some things that you can check to try to resolve these issues:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest revision of your QuickBooks product installed. Older revisions sometimes have problems. If you don’t know what revision you have, press the F2 key while in QuickBooks and look at the info in the “product” line at the top. If you aren’t sure what is current, you can ask in the CCRSoftware support forum. If you use the “Automatic Update” feature in QuickBooks then you should have the current release.
  2. Please make sure that your CCRSoftware product has been authorized to access this QuickBooks company file. Close the CCRSoftware program, open the QB file with the “Admin” user account. Start the CCRSoftware product. If a security window pops up from QuickBooks, make sure that you allow the CCRSoftware product to access the file.
  3. You can check CCRSoftware permission in QuickBooks by opening the QuickBooks file with the Admin account in single-user mode. Select Edit -> Preferences-> Integrated Applications-> Company Preferences, and look for the CCRSoftware product in the list. Confirm that it is listed and that the program has permission to access the file.
  4. If you still have the problem, the next step is to remove the product from that list and then add it back again. Sometimes QuickBooks gets a bit confused. Log in as the Admin user in single user mode. Go to the Edit menu -> Preferences -> Integrated Applications -> Company Preferences tab -> highlight and remove the CCRSoftware program that you are having trouble with.  Exit QuickBooks, then open it again with the Admin account. Start the CCRSoftware product – you will be asked if it is OK to allow the file to access the data, and you must enter the proper response.

    If this does not work, here are some additional steps that we have found will often work.
  5. With Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10: If the User Account Control (UAC) is set to “OFF” or to a low level, you will not be able to run most add-on products. Make sure that UAC is enabled properly, reboot your system, and try again.
  6. In some cases QuickBooks gets confused about UAC. Turn it off, reboot your computer, turn it back on, reboot your computer, try the software again. This often resolves the problem.
  7. If your QuickBooks file resides anywhere other than the PUBLIC folder in a network environment or the PRIVATE (Your User Name) folder in a single user environment you will find that many add-on products won’t work.
  8. Both QuickBooks and the CCRSoftware  application should have been installed and run with Standard User Permissions (NOT elevated to run as Administrator). If this is not the case, add-on products might not work.

If you still have problems, refer to the article by Sunburst Software Solutions, which goes into more detail and gives you some other things to work with.

If Something Goes Wrong – Providing us with Diagnostic Info

If your CCRSoftware product runs into a problem it can’t resolve, you will get an error window that displays a message describing the error. To be able to quickly diagnose the problem our technical support staff needs detailed information on the problem – here are some tips on how to best get that to us.

Don’t Send Summaries

If an error window like this appears, people often send us a screen shot or a just the first line or two of the error message. , that doesn’t always provide us with all the details that  we need. The error window contains some detailed technical information, but it might not all be shown in a screen shot.


A complete copy of the error message, along with all of the technical details, is saved as a PDF file named Error.PDF. This is usually stored in a Computer Consulting Resources folder found in your My Documents folder. Rather than send a screen shot, please locate that PDF file and send that as an attachment to us in a support ticket or a forum posting here.

Note that in some versions of our software this window may have a different appearance, but the basic information is still there.

Greater Technical Detail

In some cases we may need even more technical detail than what is provided in the Error.PDF file. We may ask you to enable a tech support feature and send us additional files. To do this:

  1. Start the CCRSoftware product.
  2. Select the Help menu.
  3. Select the Tech Support option.
  4. Change the Logging option to Verbose.

  5. Select Clear Log to clear out older information.
  6. Run the function that has been causing problems. If you have an option to select data, please select the smallest amount of data possible that will generate the error. If you select a large amount of data to process the log becomes very difficult to analyze.
  7. As soon as the error displays, select the Save Support Files option from the Help/Tech Support menu. DO THIS BEFORE YOU CLICK “Continue” in the error window, because if you do then another error.pdf file may be created which replaces the one we need to see. Note that  in some versions of some CCRSoftware products you may have to click the “Continue” button first, to be able to access the Help menu – in this case please select the Save Support Files option as soon as you are able to.If you are working with a situation where an error window doesn’t open, save the support files as soon as the processing has completed.
  8. This will save a number of files to the folder that is displayed on the screen. There will be at least three files, possibly more. Attach ALL of these files to a support ticket in this website.

It is also helpful if you can tell us what operating system you are using and what version/edition/release/nationality of QuickBooks you are using.