Why Are My Totals Wrong? Punctuation…

If you are using one of the “total” features of CCRQInvoice, such as “total quantity” or “total weight”, you may find that the totals that are created may be incorrect. Why? Punctuation!

In CCRQInvoice and earlier, if you have an apostrophe (and possibly some other punctuation characters such as quotes) in the description or in the item ID, the item may not be included in the total. In some cases you will get an error message, in others you will not.

How can you resolve this?

  1. You can remove the punctuation from your item ID and description.
  2. You can submit a support request through this support portal for an update to a “pre-release” version of the software that does not have this problem.

Note that the pre-release software has been tested thoroughly and is in use by many people – it hasn’t been released because the documentation hasn’t been updated yet and because a new feature (unrelated to order processing) hasn’t been completed.

Another cause of incorrect totals can be that your preferences are set to only include certain item types, so it is skipping some items. Typically the system is set up to count only non-inventory and inventory items – so if you have a service item that might not be included. So the first thing to check if you see totals not working is what item types your order includes, and what your CCRQInvoice preferences are set to count.

Why Doesn’t My Report Show All The Info?

When you are working with a CCRQBOM or CCRQInvoice report that has a large amount of information, sometimes you may find that the report doesn’t show all of the detail lines that you expect. This most often occurs when you have created your own report definition in the form editor. Why does this happen, and what can be done about it?

Most people print reports with the “print preview” option, and if you create your own report template there is a preference setting in the report that will limit the number of detail lines that show in the preview. This is the most common reason for a large report not showing all of your information – it is limited to “100 lines” in the preview.

That is an easy issue to fix in your report definition. Edit the report, make sure that you have the “report” selected in the Report Explorer (not one of the subsections). Then in the Property Grid look for the Row Count for Preview property. If this is set to a number (typically 100), you want to change it to zero (which means unlimited), and then save the report. That should fix this problem.

Note that this also means that your print previews can take a long time to display if you have a large report.

Alternately, instead of editing the report, use the Print option instead of Print Preview. This bypasses the limit, and prints the report directly to the printer that you choose.