Bill of Materials: CCRQBOM

CCRQBOM is a QuickBooks® Compatible program that will work closely with your QuickBooks® data files to provide features that your business needs. It includes the following features:

  • Print Multiple Level BOMs: Display and print multiple level assemblies (BOMs).
  • Customize the BOM report: You can modify the report with our report editor to create your own custom BOM layout.
  • Issue Multiple Level Builds: Issue a Build for a high level assembly that will "explode" the bill of material and also issue builds for the subassemblies.
  • Requirements Reporting: Enter a quantity of an assembly and display the quantity you need of each component part, consolidating the requirement for items that may appear multiple times in the bill of material.
  • Aggregate Requirements Reporting: You can enter the requirements for multiple assemblies, such as a production run or sales forecast, and CCRQBOM will generate an aggregate listing of all components that you need to build all of the assemblies
  • List all required assemblies in open sales orders: The requirements report can be based on all of the assembly items that the program finds in a selected group of sales orders.
  • Where Used Report: This is a critical report for any manufacturer - it will list every assembly that uses a particular component item. This allows you to identify the assemblies affected by part shortages or required engineering changes.

For a detailed description of these features we recommend that you download the product documentation (PDF).

In the next few pages we will briefly describe some of the basic features.