CCRQOrder is a custom program that was created for several clients who needed special order processing features for QuickBooks desktop products. It was initially developed in 2009, and several versions were introduced over subsequent years. It is no longer supported, the last update was released in 2016.

Note that there are multiple releases of this product. If you are using it to print custom forms, you have to match the release version with your custom form templates. If, for example, you have forms for version 1.5.7, those forms may not work with a later version, such as 4.0.3. So it is important that you match your version with your forms.

Please note that:

  • Support is only available through our Support Portal by submitting a support ticket. Make sure you specify that you are working with CCRQOrder, and tell us the release that you are working with.
  • Many of the releases will not work with the latest version of Windows 10. If there is a compatibility problem then you will get a “revoked certificate” error. If you get that, you won’t be able to run the program, and in most cases we won’t be able to supply you with a version that will work in your situation.

CCRQOrder 1.5.7

This is a specific version for a limited number of clients. We don’t know if this version will work with Windows 10 or not. It should run on both 3 bit and 64 bit computers (although that hasn’t been tested).

We don’t have detailed installation documentation at this time. Please review this installation guide and summary for information on installing and using the program.

Click this link to download the installer: CCRQOrderSetup157.exe

CCRQOrder 4.0.3

This is a specific version for a limited number of clients. This version should run with Windows 10 as an “unsigned” program. That is, you may get warnings about the program (and the installer) not having a valid certificate so that you don’t know the author. We assure you that this is a valid program, the issue with “certificates” is due to Intuit not making appropriate changes to the QuickBooks programming interface when Microsoft changed their security requirements.

Note that there are separate versions for 32 bit and 64 bit computers. Most likely you have a 64 bit computer, but you must choose the correct version for your computer.

Click this link to download the 32 bit installer: CCRQOrderSetup403.exe

Click this link to download the 64 bit installer: CCRQOrderSetup403x64.exe