CCRQInventory is a discontinued program. It was provided to a small number of test installations, but development of the product was stopped due to a lack of broad interest (as well as improvements in QuickBooks that made several of the functions redundant). Support for this program is minimal, and it is possible that updates to either Microsoft Windows or QuickBooks may create a situation where the program can no longer run. We will not be making any further modifications to the program.

CCRQInventory 1.2.10

This is the current release. If you were using an older version, we cannot guarantee that ALL functions in older versions continue to work in this release.

Latest documentation, including installation directions: CCRQInventory.pdf

Installation file: CCRQInventorySetup.exe

Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

Microsoft has updated how Windows 10 works with security certificates. However, Intuit did not make the necessary adjustments to QuickBooks to accommodate these changes. This means that many programs that were created before this security update will not be able to work with QuickBooks. You will see a “certificate error”, as explained in this technical note.

It is very likely that you will see the aforementioned “revoked certificate” error if you install CCRQInventory (any version) on a Windows 10 system.

You might be able to work around this – but we cannot guarantee that this work around will be successful on your system. It works for our test system.

  1. Install CCRQInventory using the installer listed earlier on this page.
  2. Locate the folder where CCRQInventory was installed on your computer system. It will be something like C:\Program Files (x86) CCRSoftware CCRQInventory. You will find the file “CCRQInventory.exe” at that location.
  3. Download this file to your system: CCRQInventory.exe
  4. Using your Windows 10 admin user account, copy the downloaded CCRQInventory.exe file to your CCRQInventory program folder, replacing the one that was installed there originally.

This might resolve the problem for you. It will be clear – either the program will work, or QuickBooks will not allow it to run. Note that the first time you run CCRQInventory after downloading the file, you must run QuickBooks using your QuickBooks ADMIN user account. QuickBooks may ask you if it is OK for the new program to access your data (select “Yes, whenever this company file is open”).