CCRQImport Custom Program

CCRQImport is a data import program that works with QuickBooks desktop products. It was not upgraded to be a full release, it was used as a way to implement special custom-developed import features. We have no plans to create a fully documented “public” release of this program.

The first version was released in 2007, and the current version was released in 2015. We cannot guarantee that the current version will support older custom features. If you install the current version we strongly recommend that you test the program to see if it meets your needs.

Please note that:

  • It is possible that there are bugs or shortcomings in the product, since this release has not undergone complete testing. We will not be able to repair or correct any errors in the program.
  • Documentation for the program might not be up-to-date.
  • In most cases (unless noted) you cannot have a prior version installed on the same computer as the pre release version. The installer should remove the older version.
  • Unless noted, you can uninstall the pre release version and reinstall the older standard version without problem (other than form/template compatibility).
  • In some cases your registration key / serial number from a prior version will not work with the pre release version, you will need to ask our support staff for an updated key.

Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

We expect that the installers here should install a version that will be compatible with the latest US version of QuickBooks and Windows 10, but we cannot guarantee that.

  • Intuit periodically updates QuickBooks and does not always inform developers. On occasion, they update a feature in such a way that it breaks compatibility with older add-on programs. We cannot be responsible for changes that Intuit makes.
  • Microsoft periodically introduces changes to Microsoft Windows that will break compatibility with older programs. One recent update was a change to the security features in Windows that made some QuickBooks add-on products stop working. We believe that our product is currently compatible with Windows 10 security issues, but we cannot guarantee it. See this technical note for details on the issue – note that if this product won’t work with your version of Windows 10 due to this kind of problem, we cannot adjust the program to accommodate that change.

CCRQImport 2.0.1

This is the current release.

Latest documentation, including installation directions: CCRQImport.pdf (note that this may not be up to date).

There are separate installers depending on the kind of computer system that you are using. Most likely you are using a 64 bit computer system. However, it is up to you to match the proper installer for your hardware. Note that QuickBooks and CCRQImport are 32 bit programs that can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems, but the support files that are installed with them must match your hardware.