Direct Support

If our staff needs to work with your computer system directly to resolve a problem, we use a remote support product called TeamViewer. You will run a small program which allows us to access your computer just like we are sitting at your desk. This is very safe and secure. You will be able to see everything that is going on, and be able to interact with our support staff. Note that once this support session is finished, the program will not remain on your computer, so we cannot access it again without starting another session with your permission.

Please note the following:

To start the session click on the CCRSoftware Support button below. If you are asked if you want to run or save this file, select run. You may need to give additional approval depending on your version of Windows and any security software you may have on your system.

 Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer CCRSoftware Support


Once the program starts you will see a support window. You will need to provide the ID and Password to the support technician (the codes are blurred in this example for security).

Remote Support

When the support technician enters the information you will be connected.